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Recipe is very particular when it comes to the material quality and the processing technology in all aspects of production from the leather used to the sole and midsole. Taking advantage of the excellent water quality of Hyogo Prefecture, the leather has been tanned and finished in a surprisingly soft leather.
The rubber used for the sole and the paper used for the midsole are both procured in Japan and are both light and durable. It is designed with great care for feet and walking comfort. Incorporating more than 65 years of shoemaking knowledge into Recipe, absolute comfort is assured.

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Recipe is carefully manufactured by hand one by one at our own factory in Shizuoka, using domestically produced materials.
Utilizing the knowledge and experience of more than 50 years these are shoes that are both supremely comfortable and made to last.

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The key to our very reasonable pricing is that they are 100% Japanese made.
The materials used are procured and all manufacturing and processing is done at Shizuoka's own factory ensuring only the very best quality.


Shipments outside of Japan will be handled individually.
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